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[14 Aug 2015|03:43am]
Moving Monday. So excited. So scared! Omg.
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[10 Apr 2015|02:27am]
Life is wonderful.

I'm so fucking excited.
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[17 Jan 2015|10:32pm]
I have so much writing to do before I switch stores!
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[29 Dec 2014|12:33am]
I took another shot.

Haven't gotten an answer yet. Spending NYE together, just us and one other friend out to a club concert.

Should be super fun. I want to go for a NYE kiss.
My mind and heart explode just thinking about the moment.
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[24 Jul 2014|04:38am]

Well, fuck. Two days ago I had no women interested in me romantically. Today I have two.


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[12 Jul 2014|01:57pm]

I wonder how common it is for people who are super close friends to have at least one person develop feelings for the other?

I feel a deep, profound affection for my best friend, even as my romantic love for her fades.

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[09 Jul 2014|01:53am]

Tonight I am caught in a shame spiral spawned by some significant anxiety issues.

I need some help. I am not okay.

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[01 Jun 2014|10:56pm]

I'm thinking of making a big move by making a little move.

But I want to make sure I think about it more.

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[01 Jun 2014|02:06am]

I struggle making plans with my Dad. But I at least did it. That's a good thing, I guess.

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[31 Aug 2013|06:32pm]

I feel like I should talk about life. And not be interested in girls anymore.

One class. Shift supervisor at Starbucks. Want to transfer to San Diego for school. At PAX gaming convention right now - good stuff.

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[31 Aug 2013|06:13pm]

Oh cool just friends yeah that's cool oh I gotta go.

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[11 Apr 2013|01:55pm]


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Looking for Advice: Have you ever sold stuff online to friends? [05 Jan 2013|06:39pm]
I think I need to have a one-person garage sale, I have so much stuff. I've seen a lot of friends sell their books/dvds and such over the internet. I would appreciate advice from one such person!

Question for the people who do that: do you make enough money from it that it's worth your time? And does that change if you ship stuff versus only selling it to people you can hand deliver to? Have you ever wished at the end that you'd just given it all away to Goodwill?

Question for people who would consider buying, what's the most that you would pay for a good quality DVD or book? In my mind I'm thinking $2 for a DVD, $3 for a good condition paperback and $1 for a poor condition one, $8 for a good condition hard back book, $5 for a poor condition hardback book.

While this may not be a lot of money per time, being back in college I have more time than money, and I might be more motivated to do this if it's a big fun project and I can make $1-200.
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[01 Dec 2012|02:50pm]
EEEEEEEEEEE, Diana is coming over to hang out toniiiight!

Also, I'm hosting a Christmas party on the 15th!

And I'm going up to a cabin in BIG BEAR on the weekend of the 7th!

And we got a Christmas tree and decorations for our house here with the roomies. IT's so sweet, I adore it. :]
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[11 Oct 2012|02:16am]
I wrote this comment as a reply to someone about how nobody available for them to talk to could understand [what they are going through].

I was originally writing to this LJ friend, but I think I ended up writing to myself:

Fuck. Sometimes nobody can understand.

I don't think anyone can understand. No matter how much we share with someone, they can't possibly know it all and understand it all. Pieces, sure, maybe. And those who we are closest to still only understand pieces.

The pieces we ourselves understand. If we don't understand, how can we share? We have to be honest with ourselves, and truly introspective and thoughtful. And then we have to conquer our fears to truly open up and share ourselves with another.

Something I haven't truly been able to do. That's why love hurts so fucking much when it goes bad. Because you risked the whole of you, everything you truly are, and then that love can evaporate.

I'm sorry, I'm rambling now. What I mean to say is that... only you can know what's going on. Other people can offer support, or an ear, or even advice if you want it. But you have to do the work. You have to go through it.

And you will. Because look at everything you've already survived? You survived ALL of that other shit, and you're still here, on the other side. This next step may be painful, and difficult. But you're still going, and you will make it.

You will make it.
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[09 Jul 2012|02:54am]

Someone on the internet said:
"I like to open Chaccaron Macarron in 3 different tabs and stagger their starts, makes me laugh everytime"

I tried it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAckshe5Dc0

Allow 5-10 seconds between each. It's fantastic. Ahahaha.
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Is this the real life [03 Jun 2012|03:34am]
I watch movies hoping to glean real moments about life. It's so much safer than putting yourself out there, and it's so hard to reflect upon one's own life.

I want to go to Japan, and to the temples. To worship and meditate.
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[29 May 2012|03:03pm]

Leaving New York in an hour. Definitely sad to be leaving, but there's no place like home! -.-

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[23 May 2012|05:21pm]

Oh hey what's up new York? JFK airport whattt

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I love this video so much [18 Apr 2012|04:11am]
And it's about love:

I cherish how this is such an amazing love story. It's so beautiful. He's purely himself, dancing throughout the world, and she comes along and they danced together. If they're a couple in real life, the chemistry shows. I hope to one day live and love myself as much as Nathan does, and then find a love like these two have.
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